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Written by Alva Jean Morris Chesser

Read the amazing stories of faith and the spiritual courage of Rev. William F. Morris  through the eyes and words of his eldest child, Alva Jean Morris Chesser!
Available in paperback, hardback and e-book editions!

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April 18, 2017

Dr. Alva Jean Chesser

Dr. Jean gives examples of two women from the New Testament that had a Divine Appointment with Jesus!
Sit back and be encouraged by this powerful word!

The video is entitled "Divine Appointment!" Watch Now!

March 13, 2021

Dr. Debbie Brewer

Dr. Debbie talks to us about the knowledge of God's goodness! However good you think God is...It Is Not Enough!

The video is entitled "It Is Not Enough!" Watch Now!

October 3, 2020

Dr. J. Daryl Chesser

Are you an Heir? Heir of What?
Find out on this episode of cLife TV with Dr. Daryl!

The video is entitled "Heirs!" Watch Now!