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From The Desk of Dr. Debbie:

Stop Acting Like A Christian! Dr. Debbie

February 8, 2013

I have been warning some of you that I was going to teach on this – so here it is! 

 Stop playing the “role” of a Christian and BE a Christian.  Oh, for you to know the width, the depth,the height and the strength of His love for you!  He’s not expecting you to be mature until He’s worked it in you.  Trust Him!

 I have found that since my head knowledge of the fact that He loves me has dropped 18 inches into my heart as truth, it has changed my whole relationship with Him.  I have begun to ask Him questions like, “What do you smell like?” 

Intimacy breeds personal questions.  What does He think about….?  Ask Him!

“What makes Him laugh?”  I heard someone say ‘What you think you know about God is how much you don’t know about Him.” 

 Unfortunately, we have been convinced we have to be “right” to be around Him so when we come to Him it’s all about us and not really about Him. “Have I confessed all my sin?”  I shouldn’t have done that.”  I shouldn’t have said that.”  “I should have (fill in the blanks).”  “He couldn’t love ME.”  Sounds pious, but it’s all about ME. 

Have you ever been sweaty or dirty from working in the yard or cleaning house or exercising and your children or spouse want a hug?  They saw that you were dirty and sweaty, but that didn’t make a difference to them.  They needed a hug from us, but it made a difference to us and we wouldn’t let them get near us.  Hmmmm…all about me – not about what they want/need!   God knows all about you.  You just need to know that He knows  – but He still loves you and wants you!   

 One of my most freeing experiences has been to finally open up my whole life before God – fearing that He could reject me.  Standing naked before Him, but if He was going to reject me – so be it!  Guess what?  Of course, He didn’t, but that has set me free!  There was nothing left to fear or hide or perform for (as if God didn’t know it already, but now I knew that He knew about me.)

 I so want us to be free of the stereotypes, the performance, the juggling, the weight and the fear of serving Him!  May this year you experience the freedom, the rest, the purpose, the leading, the easiness and the joy of loving and knowing Him!!

 © 2013 Dr Debbie Brewer 

Letters from listeners:

Rev Deb, 

I have been listening to your message about The Importance of our Words and it really ministered to me.  I received the peace of God and also hope.  I got up this morning asking God for hope and He gave it to me.  Praise God, I can go to bed tonight knowing that He’s going to complete the work He’s begun in me.  He does and will answer my prayers!

 Thank you!  Love you,

KH, Charlotte 



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