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About cLife:

Dr. Jean Chesser

Dr. Jean was born into a pastor's home, the home of William F. & Bernice Morris.  By the age of 12, her father drafted her into service playing the piano for church meetings.  Dr. Jean grew up totally involved in ministry.While attending Lee University of Cleveland, TN, she met Harold L. Chesser, whom she later married.  Pastor Harold also came from a minister’s home, and once again, Dr. Jean found herself in a pastor's home.  Harold & Jean became the proud parents of Debbie and Daryl who continue the heritage of ministry.  God added to our family three granddaughters...yet another generation with the call of God upon their lives.

The call of God was on the Chesser’s as they pioneered and pastored several churches. In 1975, Pastors Harold and Jean Chesser moved to Charlotte, NC to pastor a church known as Covenant Community Church which eventually became Covenant Life Church.

In 1999, Pastor Harold L. Chesser went home to be with the Lord.  Dr. Jean felt the call of God to pick up the mantle and began to pastor Covenant Life Church from 1999 until 2008.

Dr. Jean's powerful preaching and Pentecostal roots have caused her to boldly proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom and declare the healing power of God to the nation!

Now, Dr. Jean continues the ministry with her writing, media and speaking engagements.

Dr. Debbie Brewer

Debbie Brewer, the oldest child of Harold and Jean Chesser, came to Charlotte with her parents in 1975.  Always active in the church, she also moved into her own career.  She married in 1989 and after 3 daughters, her oldest is now attending Lee University in Cleveland, TN.

Debbie is now a successful Real Estate Broker, mom, sister and writer.

Debbie, or Rev Deb's writings have become a very familiar fixture around the Covenat Life Family and beyond.  Her 'no holds barred' approach to the Word gives hope and encouragement to everyone who reads her writings.



Dr. Daryl Chesser

Daryl, the youngest child of Harold and Jean Chesser, left Charlotte, NC in 1989 to move to God's country...Texas!  After traveling the world with different ministries, Daryl now consults companies and ministries on Audio and Video Media strategies.

Simple...that is Daryl's view on the Gospel!  If it is confusing, then we are doing something wrong!






Dr. Harold L Chesser

Dr. Harold L. Chesser, former Senior Pastor of Covenant Life, preaches at Harvest Temple Church in Largo, FL. Pastor Chesser founded Harvest Temple in in 1964 and was pastor until 1968.

Mae Wilson Story:

Mae Wilson was the lady who went to visit Grandmother (Lilly) and Granddad (Frank) Morris in 1931 and shared 5 little words with them that changed the way of the entire Morris family and all of us who were yet to come!  The words were, “The Holy Ghost is Real”. 

“The Holy Ghost” was real then and He continues to be real!! 

This last week, I found and sent Daryl the video Gary had made for his church regarding the Mae Wilson story, and I thought you all might like to go to this link and look at it.  Gary did a great job.  I did have a little trouble watching Gary – he absolutely went way too soon and we all miss him so much!!!

What a blessed family we have been and what a marvelous heritage we have!  I’m so very thankful to our Lord and Saviour for the ways He has brought us!

Love you all,  Dr. Jean,